Software as a Service


Tailscan is a developer tool in the browser and helps Front-end developers build and design quicker with Tailwind CSS.

This startup is a part of Remote Dev. The extension and the website are both built with Vue.js 3. The back-end is built with Firebase and Node.js

Website & iOS/Android app


SOO is the app for anyone who wants to do something fun with children. SOO easily shows all child-friendly spots in your area. From restaurants to museums and from playgrounds to day trips.

The website is built with Vue.js 3 / Nuxt 3. The back-end is built with Firebase and Node.js. The iOS and Android app are built with Vue.js 3, Ionic and Capacitor.

Software as a Service

Base Styles

Base Styles helps you to unify your brand, makes brand asset management a breeze and automatically keeps your brand consistent. Base Styles enhances the way branding assets are made and branding consistency is maintained.

This startup is a part of Remote Dev. It is currently running in development. The service is built with Node.js, Vue.js and Nuxt.js on Firebase and Google Cloud.


Automagical Apps

Automagical Apps provides a variety of productivity apps for Google Workspace and Chrome Extensions. All apps combined have more than 40 million downloads.

The scope of the project was the website and payment integration. The entire website is built in Vue.js.



Peakboard optimizes your processes with smart visualization and by networking all your company’s relevant data from various sources in real-time. Remote Dev built both the Peakboard Help and the Peakboard Templates website with Jekyll and Tailwind.

Software as a Service


Update: Sparkly has been acquired in 2021.

Sparkly helps to build a more collaborative and productive culture at work by making new connections between colleagues in Slack.

This startup was a part of Remote Dev. It is running on more than 200 Slack workspaces. The service is built with Node.js on Firebase and Google Cloud.



Maklr offers real estate professionals a complete digital sales funnel for new-build homes, from A to Z. Remote Dev helped Maklr with the back-end of the platform. The back-end is running on Firebase and is written in Node.js.

“Erwin has helped us to develop a platform that allows project developers to efficiently sell their new real estate projects. What I admire about Erwin is that he is remarkably proactive as a backend programmer. The fact that Erwin works remotely certainly has no disadvantages. His communication is transparent and he is always available to help.”

Rik de Jong
Rik de Jong, Co-Founder & Product Owner


Prototyping is the innovative way of evolving an organization by using small experiments, co-created by employees. Remote Dev helped Prototyping.Work with new styling and pages in Elementor.