Welcome to Remote Dev!

Hello there, my name is Erwin, a remote full-stack developer. With my passion for App and Web development I help businesses create amazing experiences for web and mobile devices.

Besides programming, I accelerate businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them to become remote work friendly.

About me

Since the age of twelve, I’ve been programming in various languages. After studying Computer Science, I’ve worked as an IT consultant for three years and got the opportunity to work on numerous projects for big companies and even took the role as remote lead developer for a team in Kenya for a year!

Early 2018, I decided that it’s time to focus more on two other ambition of mine: travelling and entrepreneurship. That’s when I started freelancing while (slow)travelling full-time and helping businesses shine in the digital world of today.


Because of my background, I have a profound understanding of technology and learnt a broad spectrum of languages and frameworks for both front-end and back-end, as well as Android.

Languages include Java, Javascript, Python, Kotlin, HTML and CSS. Frameworks (and toolkits) include jQuery, Gulp, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Maven and jUnit amongst many others. And wherever I come across new or different exciting frameworks, I’m always eager to dive in and learn the ropes!

My consulting experience also enhanced and strengthened many soft skills which allow me to push projects and businesses beyond their goals.


Consult before I develop

Together with you or a designated team, I will brainstorm about how to achieve the best results. When the vision is clear and the requirements on paper, it’s time to develop.

Provide excellence

The newest techniques is what I’m all about, so I know how to create your website and app to run smoothly across devices using the latest technologies available.

Communication is key for a smooth project

Continuous communication is one of the most important aspects of working remotely. This is why I am flexible and have communication as my number one priority.


I’m currently available for freelance work. If you have a project that you want to get started, need my help with something or just want to say hi, get in touch!

You can send me an e-mail (erwin@remotedev.co) or message me on LinkedIn.

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